C-Clamp is a duo consisting of Tom Fitzgerald (vocals, guitars, keys) and
Nick Macri (bass, vocals, percussion). They were a trio until drummer Frantz Etienne left the band in 1999. Over the course of the past four years, C-Clamp have recorded two full length albums and a 12" EP for Ohio Gold; 1996's "Meander + Return" (OHAU-001), "The Saving Daylight EP" Limited 12" Engraved Single (OHAU-004), and the 1999 full length, "Longer Waves" (OHAU-007). Musically, C-Clamp place an emphasis on rhythm, texture, and a sense of space while maintaining a subtle melodic sense vocally.  The songs tend to burn at a slow pace over a six minute course rather than fading away in three. At their essence, C-Clamp's songs are simply pop songs that require a little patience. C-Clamp tend to play shows only when all of the planets are in proper alignment.

MP3 / Track 3 : In Tow : from C-Clamp's "Longer Waves"
MP3 / Track 6 : Taste of Metal : from C-Clamp's "Longer Waves"

MP3 / Track 1 :
Passing : from C-Clamp's "Meander + Return"

MP3 / Track 8 : In Glory, In Wire : from C-Clamp's "Meander + Return"