Dianogah is a three piece from Chicago, IL.  Kip plays the drums and both Jay and Jason play a bass.  Jay supplies the vocals from time to time, but only when he's in a good mood. Dianogah have a number of 7" singles, compilation appearances and even a soundtrack under their belts, but their first full length album "As Seen From Above" (OHAU-002) was released on Ohio Gold in 1997.People have described Dianogah's music as the soundtrack to chubby animals wrestling*, the soundtrack to a stick floating down a river, the most unoriginal [band] of the year, and a midwestern goldmine. Check out Dianogah's web site to find out more about their other (non-Ohio Gold) releases.

* Listeners must supply their own chubby animals.

MP3 / Track 2 : What Is Your Landmass? : from Dianogah's "As Seen From Above"
MP3 / Track 8 : Spiral Bound : from Dianogah's "As Seen From Above"