"Too Good To Be True"  E.P. OHAU-010
Recorded by Greg Norman in April of 1998 at Electrical Audio in Chicago, Illinois, the "Too Good To Be True" EP is Pinebender's first attempt at proper studio recording.  At last released after lying dormant for more than three years, these five previously unreleased songs captured the early sound of the group.  Twenty-three minutes of loud, edgy, soaring guitars and drums that pound like freedom rings joining forces to form something like pop songs.  Less controlled and a little more straight ahead than the songs of the band's critically acclaimed debut full-length, Things Are About To Get Weird, the TGTBT EP serves as an anachronous introduction to the we-should-probably-turn-up-a-little-more work ethic of Pinebender.  The EP features the eximious design work of Ohio Girl's Andy Mueller.  You can draw your own cover to the cd with a included in the packaging.  This design will be limited Pinebender golf pencil to the first pressing.  The "Too Good To Be True" EP is a very cool release that should tide the Pinebender faithful over until the release of their new full-length in mid-summer of 2002.





The Zincs  "Moth and Marriage"  OHAU-009
"Moth and Marriage" is the debut of London, England's (via Chicago), The Zincs.  The Zincs is lead by Jim Zinc (a.k.a James Elkington) who is currently the sole member of the band as he wrote, performed, and produced "Moth and Marriage" in its entirety.  The album was conceived during the first year Jim lived in Chicago when he had nothing better to do with his mornings than eat cereal and write and record songs.  "Moth and Marriage" was recorded in Greg Norman's (engineer from Electrical Audio Recording) basement on the South side of Chicago.  On the second day of recording, the building across the street burned to the ground.  The fire brigade arrived within one minute of Greg's call which, he said, made him feel very "safe" and "good"; so good in fact, that he allowed Jim to play the thumb piano on the record.  In addition to the thumb piano, Jim also played nylon string and electric guitars, drums, keyboards, bass, harmonica, and percussion.  He sings as well in a soothing, wavering baritone that appropriately suits the lyrical themes of alienation, loneliness, getting older, and lying.  These are spare and mellow pop songs that are somber but not sad.  Melancholy but not maudlin.  "Moth and Marriage" are the two things that frighten The Zincs most of all.

MP3 / Track 6: Bluestones




Pinebender  "Things Are About To Get Weird"  OHAU-008

"Things Are About to Get Weird," was recorded at Electrical Audio by Mr. Steve Albini in February of 1999.  The album features ten songs ranging from angelic slowburners ("There's A Bag of Weights In the Back of My Car") to fractured pop ("Kick It", "New Balance") to epic soundtracks ("Simp Twister").  Equal parts calming and cathartic, "TAATGW" ebbs and flows from simple, lilting melodies to the most beautifully damaged distortions of all time.  All the while the songs are kept grounded by economic back beats and tied together with deceptive vocal hooks.  While the Pinebender power trio took full advantage of the microphone and instrument collection (16 string guitar ?!?) at Electrical Audio, they also played the gracious host to a couple of guest musicians.  Jay Ryan from Dianogah stopped by with his stand up doghouse bull fiddle ("Before the Calm Was Lost") and Evelyn Weston bowed the musical saw on the closing song, "The Depth of Silence That Was Reigning Over the Veranda".

MP3 / Track 2: Kick It





C-Clamp "Longer Waves" OHAU-007

C-Clamp's second full length, "Longer Waves", found the boys back in King Size Sound Labs in Chicago under the benevolent dictatorship of "Meander + Return" engineer, Dave Trumfio (full time Pulsar, sometimes Mekon, and eternal engineer to the likes of Wilco, Tsunami, and Aluminum Group, etc.).  Under the watchful eye of Trumfio, C-Clamp found themselves experimenting in the studio more with modern inventions such as "overdubs", "keyboards", and "vocal harmonies" --  three things that were all but absent from the Meander sessions.  The sonic result of "Longer Waves" is that of a thicker, more lush sounding C-Clamp in answer to the spare, spaciousness of "Meander + Return". Think hot, buttered C-Clamp.  "Longer Waves" is often referred to as "the green one".

MP3 / Track 3: In Tow
MP3 / Track 6: Taste of Metal




MyOhioActionPalBoyGoldGod300 - Compilation CD OHAU-005

This is a joint compilation between Ohio Gold and two other Chicago labels (My Pal God and Actionboy 300). This CD contains a exclusive tracks from both Dianogah ("Bad Houses" which is a Big Black cover) and C-Clamp ("Bats - All Saints Remix" a cool remix of a "Meander + Return" tune by Rick Valentin of Salaryman and Poster Children). There are also exclusive tracks from A Minor Forest, Hurl, 90 Day Men, Dis, and Lustre King. 12 tracks in all. There are limited #'s of this left. Econo comp with cool artwork and exclusive tracks! What are you waiting for?





C-Clamp "Saving Daylight / Shorty" Engraved 12" OHAU-004

OG zero, zero four is an amazing collaboration between C-Clamp, Chicago artist Gregg Coffey, and graphic designer Andy Mueller. The C-Clamp side of the single contains an epic entitled "Saving Daylight" which picks up right where "Meander + Return" left off; quite literally by sampling the last track on their debut (Daylight Savings) and looping it into a pool of washed out sonic haze that ultimately gives way to the new song's opening strains.  The other tune, "Shorty", is an instrumental recorded well after midnight during the "Meander" sessions with barely three minutes left on the reel of Ampex.  The result is a spacey sojourn into the realm of sleep deprived love songs complete with a mellifluous Moog line provided by none other than Dave Trumfio himself.  The most unique element to this single is artist Gregg Coffey's engraving on the flip side.  The elaborate engraving goes beyond being simply "detailed" and into a realm where perspective and focal points change with the blink of an eye and depth and perception become re-defined with each viewing.  

This piece was limited to 400 copies and is long since SOLD OUT.




Dianogah "As Seen From Above" OHAU-002
With a deep, dark rooted passion for low end and the rhythmic sense of a seamstress, "As Seen From Above" put Dianoagh on the map which they proceeded to re-draw  and color outside the lines in orange, brown, and forest green.  Known to most people as "three of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet", Jason, Jay, and Kip recorded "As Seen From Above" on to Ampex 499 2" magnetic tape with Steve Albini.  While there were reports of hunger strikes and Greco-Roman wrestling matches during the recording process, the end result is a minimalist's delight; a couple of bassists caught in the spin cycle and a drummer with the heart of a dancer wearing a pair of concrete shoes.  Or, put more simply, the sound of two figure skaters and a goalie.  Beautifully catchy bass melodies bob, weave, and careen while the drums hold their ground all four on the floor-like.  Both round and sharp at the same time.  An amazing debut.  File under "NPR Rock".

MP3 / Track 2: What Is Your Landmass?
MP3 / Track 8: Spiral Bound





C-Clamp "Meander + Return" OHAU-001
"Meander", while being a slow paced exercise in long, fragile pop ditties, was actually recorded at a breakneck speed.  Just how fast do you ask?  Well, it was recorded, mixed, and mastered in a mere five and a half days at King Size Sound Labs by the dynamic duo of Baron vonTrumfio and Mike Hagler.  Fueled by Super Burrito, donuts, and a limited budget, C-Clamp and the Baron put on the "cans", hit the record button, and didn't come up for air for 55 hours.  Tom played guitar, did most of the singing, and kept to himself for the most part. Nick played bass, sang less, but higher, than Tom.  Frantz played the drums, shook maracas, slept a lot, and occasionally woke up to turn up his tom toms.   The Baron put the whole damn thing on tape and got to say "rolling" a lot. "Meander + Return" is sometimes referred to as "the blue one" by people who forget the proper title.  Music to check your pulse to.

MP3 / Track 1: Passing
MP3 / Track 8: In Glory, In Wire




Zincs "Moth and Marriage / 009" T-Shirt.
Short sleeve shirt featuring the letterpress type style as used on the Zincs artwork.The back of this T follows in our latest tradtition of using the catalog number ( "009") as the back graphic. Color and size depends on availability, but we usually have M, L, and XL in stock.




Pinebender  "008" T-Shirt

Short sleeve shirt with a cool, stylized font spelling Pinebender on the front and the number "008" (the catalog number), "Things Are About To Get Weird" song titles, and the OG logo on the back.  This is a good looking, sporty "T" as designed by the masterminds at Ohio Girl.  Color and size depends on availability.





C-Clamp  "Longer Waves"  T-Shirt

Short sleeve shirt with "C-Clamp" and the abstract, circle paintings from the back cover of "Longer Waves" subtly placed on the left breast.  Color depends on availability.





Ohio Gold Pocket T-Shirt

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